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Sue Manocha Memorial
Foster Fund

In lieu of all gifts, Arick and Patrick feel that Sue’s memory would best be honored by creating a fund for Kaleb and Hayden, allowing her care to continue.

All contributions are appreciated.

Read more about the fund from Arick
As many of you know, my mother, Susan Manocha, passed away suddenly on December 16th.


She leaves behind many loved ones including two beautiful foster children, Kaleb and Hayden.


My mother was a natural caregiver and passionate about providing children a positive and enriching environment. As her son, I experienced her loving care my entire 21 years, and witnessed it again most recently when she made the decision to become a foster parent this past year. I saw her work tirelessly to earn her foster certification through hours of classes, and diligently preparing the home for children.


She was ecstatic when Kaleb (6) and Hayden (9) came to us. In the short months they were under her care, she completely improved their lives. Given that they are both autistic they required special care which my mother gave to them unconditionally. Potty-training, learning to communicate through a tablet, starting school, learning to eat solid foods, getting haircuts, new clothes, and building a strong foundation are just a few of the many things she was able to provide.


My mother had a tremendous impact on the lives of hundreds of children. As a daycare provider for more than 20 years, she was a trusted and helpful resource for many parents in the area. I couldn’t be more proud of her work and the memories she leaves behind. Many that experienced her care credit her as a “second mother” and remember the wonderful influence she had on their formative years.


In lieu of flowers, we ask that donations be made to the gofundme account created for the foster children that she loved so much.


All contributions are appreciated.


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